Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holiday Inn Charleston-Riverview….Charleston SC

Travel:Holiday Inn Charleston-Riverview….Charleston SC

As most of you know I am writing a book.  Not sure of the steps I need to take to publish my book I jumped at the chance to go to a Publishers Conference in Charleston S.C.  This event was just what I needed.  It gave me a great overview as to my options in publishing.  If you are interested it is called PubSense Summit.

The question for me was where to stay.  I wanted to get the best bang for my buck.  The Hotel where the conference was held was a bit above my budget, plus you had to pay for parking.  Most of the other hotels in that area were about the same price or higher.  So I consulted the Holiday Inn website.  I found one that was reasonable and had an amazing view of the Charleston skyline.  The Holiday Inn Charleston-Riverview
I had read the reviews and for the most part they were positive.  Everyone spoke of the amazing view.
I couldn't wait to look out my room window to see the view that was promised. 
Oh no!  The waffle house:-)  That was my view from my window.  I thought that would be the extent of my viewing pleasure but boy was I wrong.  The view from the restaurant was amazing.  I sat there for hours during breakfast and dinner taking in the amazing view….

I enjoyed the good food at the hotel restaurant.  Yum:-)

 And of course enjoyed several glasses of wine….
I also had fun playing with my zoom lens on my Nikon P510…

It was overcast and rainy the entire time I was there.  It did not matter though.  The conference was such fun.  The hotel was clean and comfortable with very friendly people.  It was a $10.00 taxi trip into the city so I did not have to drive.  The view and the food were top notch.  Would I go back?  Yes.  My daughter and I want to take a trip to Charleston to explore the city and I think this is where we will stay:-)
Get out and explore!