Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My A-Z Adventures...."E" is for Emerald Isle....Fort Macon

I know what you're thinking, Fort Macon is not in Emerald Isle.  That's true, but it is only a short drive from Emerald Isle so we decided to visit...
I will share a few photos of our adventure along with some quotes, in italics, from Wikipedia...

"Five-sided Fort Macon is constructed of brick and stone. Twenty-six vaulted rooms (also called casements) are enclosed by outer walls that are 4.5 feet thick"
 "Beaufort was captured and plundered by the Spanish in 1747 and again by the British in 1782.North Carolina leaders recognized the need for coastal defenses to prevent such attacks and began efforts to construct forts". 
"The Civil War began on April 12, 1861, and only two days elapsed before local North Carolina militia forces from Beaufort arrived to seize the fort for the state of North Carolina and the Confederacy. North Carolina Confederate forces occupied the fort for a year, preparing it for battle and arming it with 54 heavy cannons".
  "On April 25, 1862, Parke's Union forces bombarded the fort with heavy siege guns for 11 hours, aided by the fire of four Union gunboats in the ocean offshore and floating batteries in the sound to the east."
".... was a gun platform 23 feet wide where there were to be five 18-pounder cannons mounted. Each cannon could fire an 18-pound iron shot with an estimated range of just under one mile."

  "Each story contained five 13×16-foot rooms, three laid out for enlisted men and two for the fort's officers. The barracks could accommodate a single company consisting of fifty men. "
  "Fort Macon was used for about 11 years as a civil and military prison."
 "Fort Macon State Park is the second most visited state park in North Carolina, with an annual visitation of 1.3 million, despite being one of the smallest state parks in North Carolina with 424 acres."

"In addition to the fully restored fort, the park offers visitors both sound side and surf fishing, nature trails, ranger-guided tours, a protected swim area, a refreshment stand, and a bathhouse. "

 Cindy called this "The ole ball and chain"

 I saw the salt and vinegar and immediately wondered if they made french fries.  Nothing like adding salt and vinegar to fries.  Have you ever been to Thrashers Fries in Ocean City Maryland?  Yummy:-)

I enjoyed walking around Fort Macon.  If you are in the area I suggest you visit.  They have a lovely gift shop and folks are at the entrance ready to answer any questions you may have.
Happy Travels Everyone!

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