Monday, October 26, 2015

Road Scholar Adventure...Seneca Lake in NY...

My Road Scholar trip continues with an excursion to Seneca Lake.  We had a perfect day for our visit.  Clear skies and gentle warm breeze.  Beautiful.  

Seneca Lake is the largest of the glacial Finger Lakes of the U.S. state of New York
and the deepest lake entirely within the state. 
At 38 miles long, it is the second longest of the Finger Lakes.  
It has an average depth of 291 feet a maximum depth of 618 feet, 

 It is promoted as being the lake trout capital of the world, and is host of the National Lake Trout Derby
I wonder if he was fishing for trout?
We lined up for our boat ride...

It is fed by underground springs and replenished at a rate of 328,000 gallons per minute. These springs keep the water moving in a circular motion, giving it little chance to freeze over. 
My dad had a boat that he stored off the Maryland coast.  
He would call this type of water "like a sheet of glass". 
The best day to go out! 
Some sights on our lake cruise...

Yep, they have underground salt there too.

Back to the dock...
Another great adventure with the Road Scholars.
Happy Travels Everyone!

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