Sunday, January 24, 2016

Air Plane Manners...A Poster found on Twitter...

I found this poster on Twitter.  It reminded me of one of my worst travel experiences.  
I have not been on a plane for years.  For the most part, my flying adventures have been just fine.  There is only one that stands out and that is when I was stuck in the middle seat next to a smelly guy by the window.  I thought the flight would never end.  He looked clean but smelled of extremely dirty/soiled,  jeans.  The smell was nauseating and I had to endure it for 3 hours.  Ugh!
As I look over this chart I find one that would make me angry.  The one where the person puts his feet between the seats.  I have never seen this but I would have to say something if I were minding my own business and someone put their feet on my shoulder.
What is your worst travel experience?  Which one fo the actions on the photo would bother you the most?  I would love to hear you stories.
Happy Travels

Friday, January 22, 2016

Shopping with Gail in Old Salem NC

Shopping with Gail in Old Salem...
 "Built as a store to serve the whole community, the building had been converted into a residence by the early 20th century with a raised roof and restyled. Built of rubble stone but covered in flat stucco with false joints, it again appears as if it were made from cut stone."
 T. Bagge: Merchant is still the ‘community store,’ but now for Old Salem Museums & Gardens. 
This historic shop offers visitors a unique opportunity to purchase 
distinctive merchandise from tradesmen, craftsmen, and select vendors. 
T. Bagge also offers a large array of educational children’s toys and books.

Moravian Star...Beautiful
I bought a few to take home.
 This is one of the shops we were in.  Pretty:-)

Another fun day in Old Salem.
Happy Travels!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Continued Walk Through Beautiful Old Winston Salem NC

Moravian Church
Gail and I did visit this church for a Sunday service.  It was lovely.
A. Butner Hat Shop
Stone walkways.  Beautiful
I loved the tile roofs.  Such detail...

 What do you think this is?  I don't know so I will google it. Gail and I were guessing wood storage...
I searched and searched and could not find the answer.  Let's just say it is wood storage.  What do you think it is?
Happy Travels

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our Continued to Trip to Old Salem In Winston-Salem NC

Our continued trip to Old Salem in Winston-Salem NC.
(I love the Moravian Stars...Beautiful!)
(My friend Gail has a new friend.
Gotta watch those Moravian men Gail:-)

We decided to take a short carriage ride.
What fun...
 Beautiful horse...
(I decided to add a bit on the Market Fire Engine House.  It reminded me of a stable:-)

 "The Market-Fire Engine House was built on Salem Square to provide a marketplace for fresh meat, which the local doctor had determined was necessary to supplement all the salted meat the residents were eating. The other half of the building was used to store the fire equipment essential to the town’s plan to prevent and manage fires.The town had been using fire equipment since 1785, after a fire had destroyed the first Salem Tavern. This is thought to be the first fire company organized in North Carolina."

 If you find yourself in Old Salem I suggest you take a carriage ride.  
It is not expensive and lots of fun.  
Happy Travels

Friday, January 1, 2016

A Stroll Through Old Salem, Winston Salem NC

In November Gail and I headed off on an adventure.  We  have both lived in NC for some time but have never visited Old Salem in Winston Salem NC.  We were about to change that.  We made reservations at a B&B on the main street of the historic city and off we went....

Below are my photos taken while strolling the streets of Old Salem and a bit of history as well from the Visit Old Salem website and Wikipedia...

"Salem was founded in 1766 by the Moravians–a Protestant religious group that first organized in what is now known as the Czech Republic in the 15th century"
"The Moravians were active missionaries who established an earlier settlement in Bethlehem, PA, before settling “Wachovia” in the North Carolina backcountry in 1753"

 "Salem residents were also well respected for their architecture and attention to detail. The architecture and landscape of Salem are still quite accurate, as about three-quarters of the Historic Town buildings are original structures."

Old Salem is a historic district of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It features a living history museum (operated by the non-profit Old Salem Museums & Gardens, organized as Old Salem Inc.) that interprets the restored Moravian community.  
Architectural styleGermanic in early years, slowly shows English/American influence (i.e., Federal and Greek Revival period architecture)

 The building below is one of my favorites.
 Beautiful place.  I am so glad we made the decision to go.  I loved the architecture and the history.  Stay tuned more to follow on our adventure to Old Salem.
Happy Travels Everyone!