Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our Continued to Trip to Old Salem In Winston-Salem NC

Our continued trip to Old Salem in Winston-Salem NC.
(I love the Moravian Stars...Beautiful!)
(My friend Gail has a new friend.
Gotta watch those Moravian men Gail:-)

We decided to take a short carriage ride.
What fun...
 Beautiful horse...
(I decided to add a bit on the Market Fire Engine House.  It reminded me of a stable:-)

 "The Market-Fire Engine House was built on Salem Square to provide a marketplace for fresh meat, which the local doctor had determined was necessary to supplement all the salted meat the residents were eating. The other half of the building was used to store the fire equipment essential to the town’s plan to prevent and manage fires.The town had been using fire equipment since 1785, after a fire had destroyed the first Salem Tavern. This is thought to be the first fire company organized in North Carolina."

 If you find yourself in Old Salem I suggest you take a carriage ride.  
It is not expensive and lots of fun.  
Happy Travels

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